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Reconstruction et édition critique de la planche n°52 de la "Carte de France" dite de Cassini, 1756-1777, 2016-2019


A GIS reconstruction of the Cassini "Carte de France" sheet No. 52, 1756-1777, 2016-2019 (anglais)

  • The Cassini Carte de France provides a detailed description of French territory in the mid-18th century. This dataset is the result of an experiment conducted on map sheet number 52, centered on the city of Clermont-Ferrand in France. The goal was to digitise the geographical content of the map in a comprehensive way for two purposes: (1) to build a large-scale vector geographical database on the space of the 18th century and (2) to thoroughly investigate the map to carry out detailed critical analysis. This resulted in the creation of a renewed version of sheet 52. A renewed map (enlarged to a scale of 1:69000) mimicking the original style has been built from the extracted vector geographical data. This digital map is supplemented with an index of all the places it contains, for an easier reading. This dataset is composed of an archive containing: - all vector geographical data extracted from geo-referenced plate number 52; - the QGIS project to create the digital map; - the sources of a poster presented at International Cartographic Conference in 2019; - the sources of the full version of the digital map (with legend and title) and its index. (anglais)
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