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Données sectorielles (crédit, salaires, investissement, revenus) 1950-1974. France

  • Please cite and read the following chapter to understand the data sources: Monnet, E. (2018). Controlling Credit: Central Banking and the Planned Economy in Postwar France, 1948 1973. Cambridge University Press. chapter 6. Credit data come from the Conseil National du Crédit Other data come from the statistics published by the Ministry of Finance, based on tax data. Price data are from INSEE. Note that there were two tax regimes (bénéfices réels (B) and forfait (F)). N: nb of firms STO: inventories BEN: benefits INV: investment DIV: dividends DECT: short-term debt DELT: long-term debt EFF: nb of employees CREDESC: commercial credit (shor-term) CREDACT: other short-term credit CREDMLT: medium and long-term credit
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  • Data by sector (credit, wages, investment, revenues), 1950-1974, France (anglais)
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