[A.6.4 P0_13 A-1] Various shapes., [A.6.4 P0_13 A-1] Bentuk yang berbeda. (Indonesian), [A.6.4 P0_13 A-1] Différentes factures (French)


Various shapes of gong are to be found in the Toraja region: kettle-gong with large edges, and high size, kettle-gong smaller, and flat gong.

Différents types de facture sont rencontrés en pays toraja : gong bulbé à bords larges et de diamètre important, gongs bulbés plus petits, gongs sans bulbe. (French)

Berbagai jenis gong ada di Toraja: gong bulat dengan tepi lebar dan diameter besar, gong bulat kecil, gong lurus. (Indonesian)

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