[B.] Singgi' to mate for the deceased., [B.] Singgi' pour le défunt (French), [B.] Singgi’to mate, sanjungan kepada orang mati (Indonesian)


Poem composed for a special deceased of high nobility. It was recorded in 2001, out of its original context. The singer is the to burake and to minaa Ne’ Lumbaa, from Lempopoton. The lament was sung for Ne' Sulo, his master and companion, who died the previous year. In other areas, this song can be called umbating ("to lament").

Poème soliste chanté pour certains défunts de haut rang (les officiants to minaa, to burake et les femmes célébrées to tumban). Dans certaines régions, ce chant est aussi appelé umbating ("lamentation"). (French)

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