[B.] Retteng au défunt, [B.] Retteng to mate, retteng untuk orang mati (indonésien), [B.] Retteng for the deceased. (anglais)


Poème soliste adressé au défunt, déclamé lors des funérailles du plus haut degré. Le chant a été enregistré en dehors d’un rituel, à ma demande.

A retteng is introduced when the round dance is being sung, at an arbitrarily chosen moment in the performance. A retteng performed at a death feast may treat a variety of subjects. When the singers want someone to recite a retteng, they sing the first line of a strophe, then repeat it with the exclamation le, le le! (“hey, hey, hey!”). This is meant to encourage someone to recite a retteng. The words were provided by Ne' Lumbaa Kapala Se'pon, in 1993. It is sung here out of funerary context, by Daut Puppung. (anglais)

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